Class III Biosafety Cabinets

Advanced Engineering

Germfree manufactures Class III Biological Safety Cabinets for a wide variety of research and development applications. Additionally we specialize in the comprehensive integration of laboratory equipment into the Class III cabinets. Controls may be relocated outside of containment and ergonomic mock-up units are used to insure proper process flow and comfortable ergonomics. Class III Biosafety Cabinets for research can also monitor and control temperature & humidity and can be fitted with carbon filters for work with volatile organic solvents that are an adjunct to microbiological work. Germfree is the world’s leader in the engineering, design, and manufacture of Class III Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC). Throughout the entire process, from concept to completion, Germfree facilitates every aspect of your project. Custom Engineering Capabilities Custom Engineering Capabilities Germfree Engineers Safety Germfree understands that your health and safety is directly related to the proper engineering and design of your Class III Biological Safety Cabinet. All Germfree Class III Biosafety Cabinets meet the most stringent leak tightness specifications in the industry. Negative differential air pressure and air flow rates are set at optimal positions to maximize safety and ergonomics. There is always a physical barrier between the laboratorian and their work. Doors are interlocked to prevent accidental opening directly to the cabinet interior. Negative differential pressure is measured by digital pressure gauges with a back-up analog gauge for additional safety assurance. Audible and visual alarms alert lab workers to a low flow condition. Germfree is your single-source provider: Throughout the entire process, from concept to completion, Germfree facilitates every aspect of your Class III project. From initial discussions to delivery and set-up, Germfree manages and guarantees every detail of your Class III Biological Safety Cabinet. A variety of processes assure adherence to exact user requirements for each Custom Class III Biosafety Cabinet. These include: Initial approval drawings using 3-D parametric software (to ensure proper process flow and ergonomics). Physical Mock-up review at Germfree (to finalize gloveport and equipment locations). Factory Acceptance Test at Germfree. Installation by Germfree personnel or an experienced and vetted partner. Comprehensive Operations Manual Recommendation for a qualified independent certifier On-Site Installation, Training, and Certification: Germfree can provide installation of your Class III BSC including connections to exhaust systems, utilities, and other services. Germfree personnel provide training for the use and care of your Class III Biosafety Cabinet on-site after installation. Germfree can also recommend independent certifiers, who are qualified to provide performance testing (best practices) to ensure safe and proper operating conditions. Service - Special Immunization Program: Germfree factory-direct technicians have undergone special immunizations against uncommon bio-hazards. This means that they can enter many “hot” laboratories to provide service, maintenance, or modifications to Germfree Class III Biological Safety Cabinets. Temperature and Humidity Control Temperature and Humidity Control Class III Biosafety Cabinet: Applications: Germfree Class III BSCs have been used in up to BSL-4 labs for many decades. These cabinet systems provide an important alternative to high construction and maintenance costs associated with positive pressure suit labs. Class III BSCs are used to provide protection from biological hazards as well as containing mass generation of aerosols and toxins. Class III BSC systems can accommodate built-in equipment like incubators, autoclaves, microscopes, refrigerators, and analytical equipment. Design flexibility facilitates worker comfort and lab workflow while providing effective & efficient alternatives to ingress, egress and decontamination processes. Chemical Hazards: Germfree has the experience and expertise to design your Class III BSC for use with chemical hazards in addition to biological hazards. Germfree has many years of experience using carbon filtration (including ASZM-TEDA) systems to protect users from chemical hazards. Equipment Integration for Enhanced Ergonomics and Optimal Workflow Equipment integration into Class III Biological Safety Cabinets is a specialty of Germfree’s engineering team. Germfree engineers and designers have vast experience integrating all types of standard laboratory and analytical equipment into our Class III BSCs. We place equipment into ideal locations for the best ergonomic comfort (we ensure this through the use of mock-ups). A range of transfer devices are available that allow you to introduce and remove items from containment safely. Transfer devices include airlocks, chemical dunk tanks, RTPs, doors to other pieces of primary containment equipment, and double door autoclaves. Germfree manufactures our own autoclaves and RTPs in addition to integrating other manufacturers’ autoclaves and RTPs. Read more about equipment integration. Class III Enclosure Class III Enclosure Ergonomics: Comfort & Safety At Germfree advanced ergonomic design is paramount for enhanced safety and user comfort. Our engineers work with you to determine the best possible process flow for your application while ensuring ergonomic comfort. Germfree’s ergonomic process includes: 3-D Auto Cad drawings of your Class III BSC -- used for preliminary design and approval. Physical mock-ups -- constructed to allow customers to ensure proper equipment placement and gloveport placement for best reach. Gloveports -- available in round or oval to provide the best choice for reach and movement. We offer a variety of different gloves with differing dexterity and thicknesses for your selection. High quality polycarbonate viewscreens with ample internal lighting for the best visibility. Decontamination and Cleaning: Germfree manufactures Class III Biological Safety Cabinets with integrated ports for the decontamination method of your choice. Germfree has experience with VHP, Formaldehyde Gas, Chlorine Dioxide, and other decontamination methods. Coved, radiused corners inside your Class III BSC make cleaning easier and decontamination more effective. All 316L Stainless Steel construction protects against corrosion from some decontamination methods (bleach). Longevity: Germfree has been manufacturing advanced containment equipment for five decades. Germfree uses only the highest quality components, properly sized, for long term reliability and safety. Germfree's Class III Biological Safety Cabinets are designed for longevity and durability.


Germfree’s SEA-III BSC provides a practical approach to integrating Class III BSC protection into your existing lab. This Class III Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) is the most cost-effective unit available, opening new options for the traditional microbiology laboratory. Designed with the operator in mind, ergonomic considerations promote natural arm position, extend reach and reduce fatigue. The SEA-III makes efficient use of space and is easily cleaned and decontaminated. When lab space is at a premium, SEA-III is a sensible, cost effective solution for providing protection. Class III Biological Safety Cabinets are increasingly specified as laboratories confront a range of new and increasingly hazardous challenges. These may include new applications, new agents and enhanced safety protocols. The SEA-III BSC solves the primary obstacles faced when adding Class III containment BSCs to the existing lab: space constraints and cost. Our engineers designed this highly ergonomic Class III BSC to work within the constraints of your lab without compromising on features, functionality and user comfort. Applications include: Screening of unknown and highly pathogenic samples Separation of PCR reagents General microbiology studies Class III Readiness: Unknown / Higher Risk Materials The modern microbiology lab may be tasked with handling a wider range of hazardous biological materials. The SEA-III BSC provides Class III readiness for the diagnostic screening of potentially highly pathogenic samples. Germfree’s SEA-III BSC offers a simple solution for complex lab environments. Surge Capacity / Preparedness Planning ADDED CONTAINMENT CAPACITY: Sudden increases in testing volumes can challenge the routine operational laboratory infrastructure. Surge capacity is an important aspect of overall laboratory preparedness planning. Augmenting lab containment capacity provides increased safety and flexibility when dealing with receipt of samples increases. Germfree’s SEA-III BSC is the sensible solution when a Class III BSC is required to augment the containment capacity of a laboratory that has very tight space constraints. INTERMITTENT USE: The SEA-III BSC is also ideal for laboratories that have intermittent and limited demands for a Class III Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC). These may include a range of smaller-scale facilities that occasionally work with biological agents that require Class III-level BSC containment. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Many emergency response networks seek to extend their reach by working with a broader range of labs in more localities. Networks may coordinate with laboratories that do not routinely work with higher-risk biological agents. Germfree’s Class III Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) provide reliable containment for potentially highly pathogenic materials. The SEA-III BSC presents a cost-effective option for the lab that is newly adding Class III containment to boost emergency preparedness or participation in an emergency response network. Standard Features: Germfree’s SEA-III Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) is a standard sized cabinet that has been carefully designed with ergonomics and economics in mind. This affordable BSC is of standard design and to keep costs under control, it has limited options. It features intake HEPA filtered air and double HEPA filtered exhaust air. It is designed for ergonomic comfort and to connect to house exhaust systems. All SEA Gloveboxes have all stainless steel construction and Ergonomic gloveport design. Advanced Ergonomics: Germfree designed the SEA-III BSC with the operator comfort and safety in mind. Advanced ergonomic considerations promote natural arm, neck and shoulder positions and extend reach to reduce fatigue. Dimensions: Approximate interior dimensions (L x D x H): 2 Glove model 42” x 22” x 30” front, 20” rear (1065mm x 560mm x 760mm front, 505mm rear) 3 Glove model 56” x 22” x 30” front, 20” rear (1420mm x 560mm x 760mm front, 505mm rear) Approximate overall dimensions with airlock: 2 Glove model 62” x 25” x 38” (1580mm x 635mm x 970mm) 3 Glove model 76” x 25” x 38”(1935mm x 635mm x 970mm) Options include: Active HEPA purge airlock Exhaust blower VHP readiness package UPS back-up system GRX glove/sleeve system

Aerobiology Laboratories

Germfree has designed and built specialized Class III BSC systems for leading research institutions, including USAMRIID, the Department of Homeland Security, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, Statens Serum Institut, Tulane University, and several Regional Biosafety Laboratories (RBLs) operating under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health. Germfree is the industry leader for Class III BSC systems built around aerosol generators used in aerobiological studies. Transfer carts that are equipped with Rapid Transfer Ports and Class III Biological Safety Cabinets insure safety for personnel and research animals while greatly improving the research productivity as well as providing for animal welfare. Germfree has working relations with all major aerosol generator manufacturers. Standard cabinet platforms can be modified to exacting specifications. Throughout the entire process, from concept to completion, Germfree facilitates every aspect of your project. Medical Research Institute Medical Research Institute Integrated Aerosol Exposure Systems Germfree has teamed with two leading designers of specialized aerosol exposure equipment to provide fully integrated aerosol exposure systems. These systems precisely control the challenge concentration and expose a number of subject animals simultaneously to provide uniform exposures for consistent results. All work is carried out in the safety of a Class III glovebox. Exposure equipment integrated into the Glovebox reduces set-up time. Systems designed for multiple species. Gas or vapor phase generators can be integrated for simplified decontamination

Animal Transport

Originally co-developed with United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), this innovative technology allows a new level of safety and efficiency for animal handlers. Benefits include: Humane conditions and comfort for animals; Rapid and continuous method of containment and transport for exposed and infected animals; Significantly reducing human contact time with animals; Significantly reducing the length of time animals must be anesthetized; Significantly reducing the possibility of contaminating the environment; HEPA filtered airflow through the glovebox assures a comfortable environment while in transit; Gloveports on the transfer cart allow for procedures and emergency intervention. Transporters can dock to the Class III BSC or vivaria doors equipped with interlocking Rapid Transfer Ports (RTP), thereby eliminating containment breaches and potential animal injuries or escapes.

All Hazard Receipt

Germfree has designed and built specialized Class III glovebox systems for laboratories that are equipped to receive high-risk unknown samples such as chemical and/or biological weapons. These laboratories are operated by the Department of Homeland Security, state and local Public Health Agencies, Police and Fire Departments, and military units of many countries.These Class III Biological Safety Cabinets are uniquely designed for the triage requirements of Laboratory Response Network (LRN) and Public Health Labs (PHL). The units utilize HEPA and ASZM-TEDA carbon filtration to provide the highest level of user protection against chemical and biological threats.The Class III BSC provides an environment for the safe and secure containment, transportation and analysis of suspect nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) terrorism evidence from the facility receiving area to the analytical laboratory. The units can be fitted with Rapid Transfer Ports (RTPs) to facilitate chain of custody procedures, secure storage of Select Agents, and to simplify work flow and processing. These Class III Biosafety Cabinets integrate with primary containment systems within the All Hazard Receipt Facility (AHRF). The technology was developed under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center. BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL FILTRATION Germfree specializes in filtration systems for both biological and chemical hazards. Germfree uses Type C HEPA filters to protect against biological hazards and by using several different types of carbon, Germfree can offer protection from TICs, TIMs, and NTAs. Germfree's filtration systems are typically integrated into Class III BSCs or to building ductwork systems. Germfree also offers complete HVAC mechanical space filtration modules that integrate into existing buildings and new construction.

Portable Glovebox PGB-III

Germfree’s PGB-III is the first field-deployable containment device that meets all of the requirements for a Class III Biological Safety Cabinet, as well as the standards for a Glovebox by the American Glovebox Society (AGS). Portable Class III Biological Safety Cabinet system This Class III Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) is lightweight and portable, making it highly suitable for a range of field applications. The unit is easily disassembled and can be transported as three compact pieces. The PGB-III with the standard HEPA filtration system weighs under 170 lbs. The PGB-III, Class III Biological Safety Cabinet is constructed of all welded aluminum with a removable side airlock. The unit is powder coated with a Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) providing superior resistance to both decontamination agents as well as threats found in the field. The interior dimensions of the PGB-III, Class III Biosafety Cabinet are: 30" x 20" x 21.25" (LxDxH). The Unit is transported in a heavy-duty carrying case, which also doubles as a stand while deployed. The Portable Class III Biological Safety Cabinet with Advanced Filtration Class III biological safety cabinet ready for transport Class III Biosafety Cabinet ready for transport The unit incorporates a single HEPA inlet with double HEPA exhaust, meeting Class III BSC requirements. A 10-foot flexible hose connects the PGB-III to the motor blower. The motor blower is outfitted with carrying handle and provides the proper operating negative pressure at 40-50 CFM of airflow. Additional High Containment Filtration Option: Germfree also offers a portable high containment filtration system as an option for the PGB-III. In addition to double HEPA exhaust, this system incorporates two ASZM-TEDA charcoal filters suitable for operation with both chemical and biological threats.

Class III Mobile Installations

Germfree is the world’s leader in the engineering, design, and manufacture of Class III gloveboxes for mobile applications. Throughout the entire process, from concept to completion, Germfree facilitates every aspect of your Class III BSC for use in a mobile installation. From initial discussions to delivery and set-up, Germfree manages and guarantees every detail. A variety of processes assure adherence to exact user requirements for each Mobile Custom Class III Biological Safety Cabinet. Mobile Laboratories See Germfree's Mobile Laboratories section to learn more about how Germfree's Class III Biosafety Cabinets are integrated within a mobile laboratory. Modular Laboratories Also see our Modular Laboratories section to learn more about how our Class III Gloveboxes fit into a modular application.

Class III Portable Applications

Germfree designs, engineers and manufactures complete Class III Biological Safety Cabinets for portable applications. These Class III Portable Gloveboxes are a complete package. The components and options have been developed, tested and field-proven with over 300 units in mobile lab operations. The exhaust air filtration system is available with HEPA or HEPA/Carbon (MIL Spec is available) filtration for either biological or chemical/biological hazards.The standard Class III Portable BSC was developed by the U.S. Army specifically for handling Weapons of Mass destruction (WMD). Germfree's units are portable, transportable, rugged and is ideally suited for first responders.

Rapid Containment Kits

The Rapid Containment Kit (RCK) provides a practical containment solution for field collection, laboratory containment, surge capacity, emergency response operations, or as a decontamination chamber. It protects the user, samples, reagents, and sensitive equipment from harsh environmental conditions and contaminants. The unit is battery-powered with double HEPA or HEPA/ Carbon filters. The flexible film containment system is rapidly deployable and requires no tools for assembly. Low cost makes it a potentially disposable unit. RCKs are a low cost solution for: Additional containment space Disposable containment for messy applications Field laboratory

Rapid Transfer Port

Rapid Transfer Ports or 'RTPs' can be incorporated in a wall or mounted in the Class III Biological Safety Cabinet. These containers provide a safe and easy method for moving specimens, materials, supplies and waste without breaking containment. The RTPs come in various sizes and can be locked to meet requirements for Select Agent storage and to facilitate chain of custody transfer and reporting.

Gas Decontamination

Our Units are designed for separate and/or combined gas decontamination of cabinet airlocks and filter housings. Additional isolation of carbon filters can be provided to allow for different decontamination agents. VHP Gas DecontaminationAll Germfree Class III Biological Safety Cabinets can be equipped with bubble-tight inlets and exhaust dampers to allow for gas decontamination with Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorine Dioxide (VHP, ClO2).

Integrated Autoclaves

Germfree has decades of experience integrating a diverse range of autoclaves within our Class III BSC lines. The BMBL 5th edition recommends that BSL-3 laboratories be equipped with or have access to an autoclave. Germfree can provide autoclaves for mobile and modular applications as well as integrating autoclaves in our Class III Systems. Double Door Autoclaves Germfree offers a double door autoclave custom fitted for our Class III Systems. These units are equipped with interlocking doors which afford dual use as a pass-through. These units are for stand alone and mobile lab applications.

Environmental Test Chambers

Germfree manufactures specialized Class III biological safety systems that provide controlled environments for testing within a wide range of climatic conditions. Our Environmental Test Chambers are utilized to achieve a multitude of set points for temperature and humidity while offering high containment. These systems are ideal for testing the effectiveness of decontamination agents and procedures in diverse climatic scenarios.