Buffer & Calibration Solutions (480 ml)

Product Features :: Buffers and calibration solutions packed in 480 ml durable plastic bottles – economical and convenient for laboratory use.

Calibration Sachets (20 x 20 ml Per Box)

Product Features :: Economical NIST-traceable sachets for quick, accurate and convenient calibrations. Simply insert electrode into sachet pack, calibrate, rinse and discard sachet – no separate container needed!

Computer Cables

Product Features :: Various types of adapters are available for used with different meters. Please take your pick from the list given below.


Product Features Use this innovative electrode accessory to save time while preventing electrode damage. Designed for use with a 3 mm ATC electrode, 12 mm pH electrode, and a 16 mm conductivity or DO electrode. Attach the Grip-Clip(tm) to your instrument when not in use or for single-handed measurement. It secures to most beakers without the need for a separate electrode arm. Keeps electrode(s) suspended during use, away from dangerous stir bars and out of harm's way. Easy-access opening allows for electrode replacement without removal of the electrode storage bottle. Allows for quick height adjustment of your electrode(s) to suit your sample container and individual preference. Don't break another electrode bulb or waste time with clumsy holders – use the Grip-Clip(tm)!

Electrode Stand with Swivel Arm

Product Features Electrode stand with swivel arm allows convenient hands-free operation. Holds up to four standard size electrodes and one ATC probe. :: Weighted 6-inch diameter base allows you to pivot holder 360 ° for more flexibility. :: Arm allows you to move electrode side to side or up and down while keeping electrode at a constant vertical angle.

RS232 Thermal Printer

Product Features The convenience of printing directly from your meter whenever, wherever! This compact thermal printer connects easily to your 110 series handheld, 450 series waterproof handheld or 2700 series benchtop meters via RS232 – ideal for data-recording and report-generation. Connecting cables included. ::Thermal ::Paper-roll ::Model with real-time clock and RS232 adapter available

Power Adapters

Product Features ::Replacement and optional adapters provide you with the power you need.

Hard Carry Case

Product Features ::Made of sturdy reinforced plastic, the kit comes complete with calibrating sachets and sample bottles, and is thoughtfully designed to hold your meter and electrodes. It's all you need for your outfield measurements.

Precision pH Simulator

Product Features The Eutech pH-millivolt simulator is a handy, easy-to-use service tool for testing the accuracy of your pH meter. Used for trouble-shooting and fault diagnosis of meters, the simulator works with most pH/redox instruments with BNC connectors. Simulator comes with a BNC cable and a sturdy rubber boot which doubles up as a stand. ::Push button pH/mV selection ::pH accuracy of ±0.05; mV range of ±2 :: USA/NIST pH buffer standards simulation ::16 combination values ::1 GΩ high input impedance test ::Large display with bright LED ::Splashproof keypad ::Protective rubber boot doubles up as stand ::Power-saving meter runs on 4 'AAA' x 1.4 V batteries

Soft Carrying Case for Waterproof Testrs

Product Features ::Suitable for all Waterproof Testrs and EcoTestrs ::Protect your meter or take it anywhere with handy belt-loop