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Elga Clinical Analyzer System - Medica

Clinical Analyzer systems MEDICA Range MEDICA water purification systems from ELGA are purpose-built to provide optimum performance for one or more clinical analyzers. They feature a unique combination of technologies to produce high purity water cost-effectively. MEDICA systems have been proven to meet the pure water requirements of all analyzer companies, typically Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI, formerly NCCLS) Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW) grade standard. MEDICA systems: Have Class One Medical Device Status under FDA citation 21 CFR 862.2050. Conform to European Union CE directives 89/336/CEE (electromagnetic compatibility) and 72/23/CEE (electrical equipment within certain voltage limits). Are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 certified environment. A model to meet your needs Within the range there is a choice of models and flow rates to meet the requirements of low and higher volume clinical analyzers or multiple analyzers located throughout a laboratory on a distribution loop system. The MEDICA Range Model MEDICA-S/R/D 7/15 MEDICA Pro-S/R/RE MEDICA-R 200 Nominal water usage rates at 15oc 1 7 L/hr 15 L/hr 30 L/hr 60 L/hr 120 L/hr 200 L/hr Applications Feed to clinical chemistry and immunodiagnostic analyzers Water Purity >10MΩ-cm at 25ºC; TOC of Bacteria levels1 of Dissolved oxygen 5-7 ppm (MEDICA-D) >10 MΩ-cm at 25ºC; TOC of bacteria levels1 of 1 to >10MΩ-cm at 25ºC; TOC of bacteria levels1 of Water Purity Standards Conforms to: CLSI (formerly NCCLS) CLRW grade, ASTM D1193 Type lllC, ISO 3696 Grade 1, USP 25 Purified Water, BP/EP Purified Water Purification technologies ·    Pretreatment ·    Reverse osmosis ·    Ion exchange ·    Photo-oxidation ·    0.2μm microfiltration Recirculation (MEDICA-R/D) ·    Deaeration (MEDICA-D) ·    Pretreatment ·    Reverse osmosis ·    Ion exchange ·    Photo-oxidation ·    0.05μm ultra-microfiltration Recirculation (MEDICA Pro-R/RE) ·    Degassing (MEDICA Pro-RE) Optional degassing (MEDICA Pro-S/R) ·    Pretreatment ·    Reverse osmosis ·    External ion exchange ·    Photo-oxidation ·    0.2μm microfiltration ·    Recirculation 1 Subject to correct operating and maintenance procedures MEDICA-S/R/D 7/15 Designed to directly feed low volume clinical analyzers with up to 1.8 liters per minute of CLRW standard grade water. Easy operation and control – incorporates easy-to-read displays to enable you to check water quality, water temperature and consumables at a glance Guaranteed water quality – you can customize the audible and visual alarms on the system to ensure it delivers the specific water quality you require at all times Recirculation of purified water on the MEDICA-R 7/15 – ensures a consistent high quality with a low bacterial specification Emergency by-pass loop – in an emergency, such as a power loss, the system can continue to supply pure water to the analyzer via an emergency by-pass loop A multipurpose pure water system – the integral dispense tap (MEDICA-R) gives you the convenience and economy of having pure water available for other general laboratory applications without compromising the analyzer feed Dissolved oxygen – the MEDICA-D features a membrane contactor to deliver a reduced dissolved oxygen specification required by some analyzers Saves space in the laboratory – can be mounted on a bench, under a bench or on a wall. When used with the DV25 Docking Vessel you save even more space by eliminating the need for a separate reservoir Good laboratory Practice – features an RS232 port to enable you to make a permanent printed record of water quality and system parameters Very easy to maintain – direct access from the front-entry service doors, plus quick-fit connections, allows easy replacement of consumables A broad range of optional accessories – includes a printer kit, remote control station and a full range of water storage reservoirs MEDICA Pro The MEDICA Pro range features four models designed to offer you a choice of configurations for delivering up to 4 liters per minute of CLRW standard grade water to individual or multiple clinical analyzers. MEDICA Pro-S – ideal for single analyzers which require a non pressurized feed. MEDICA Pro-R – designed for pressurized feed to single or multiple analyzers requiring consistent high purity water. MEDICA Pro-RE – designed to feed single or multiple analyzers which are heavily utilized. MEDICA Pro LPS – designed to be fed by prepurified water from a loop or central in-house supply. The MEDICA Pro-S, Pro-R and Pro-RE feature: Protek pretreatment cartridge o High capacity adsorbant/pre-filter offers increased protection by minimizing chlorine and chloramines o Saves space compared to externally mounted standard carbon filters o Quick fit connections reduce installation and maintenance time High flux reverse osmosis with a make-up rate of 30, 60 or 120 liters per hour Easy upgradeability within the box – migrate from 30 to 60 or 120 liters per hour to supply higher volume or multiple analyzers without having to replace the whole system The MEDICA Pro range at a glance Model MEDICA Pro-S MEDICA Pro-R MEDICA Pro-RE MEDICA Pro-LPS Pretreatment √ √ √ Extra capacity pretreatment Optional Optional Optional Air gap √ √ √ √ Degassing Optional Optional √ Optional Reverse osmosis √ √ √ Integral 50 liter reservoir √ √ √ √ Deionization √ √ √ √ 2nd Deionization cartridge Optional Optional Optional Optional UV Photo-oxidation √ √ √ √ Ultra-microfiltration √ √ √ √ Recirculation √ √ √   The MEDICA Pro range features: Unique integral reservoir o Delivers a much smaller footprint than traditional systems and eliminates the need for a separate tank, pump and pretreatment o Reduces installation time as the integral reservoir and its level controls are pre-commissioned in the factory – simply plug in and start Recirculation of pure water up to the point-of-use, combined with UV and microfiltration technologies delivers a low bacterial specification below 1 CFU/ml - ideal for Amino Assays Improved security with ‘User Recognition Key’ access to settings – prevents accidental changes to validated set up and controls access to sanitization routines Medpure long life deionization cartridges – enhanced resin mix reduces exchange frequency and running costs. An optional second deionization cartridge can be added to: o further reduce exchange frequency o deliver a higher flow rate feed to the analyzer o increase the emergency by-pass life E-Cartridge for the reduction of CO2 – available as standard on the MEDICA Pro RE or as an option on other models. CO2 degassing extends the life of the Medpure deionization cartridge in troublesome feedwaters – reducing running costs Traceability for validation purposes – use of MEDICA Pro’s in-built technology assures correct usage and traceability of the replacement cartridge Low noise variable speed delivery/recirculation pump to maintain water quality – included as standard on MEDICA Pro R, RE and LPS models. Recirculation automatically slows down in periods of no demand, reducing energy consumption, then speeds up as the analyzer requests water – maintaining the correct flow and pressure to the analyzer Semi automatic RO sanitization – improves bacterial control, reduces user intervention and requires no removal of filters or consumables during the process Emergency by-pass loop – minimizes down time by providing an uninterrupted supply of pure water to the analyzer in an emergency Meets the latest validation requirements – the MEDICA Pro can be supplied with complete validation documentation Leak detection with automatic shut-down – minimizes the risk of flooding in the event of a leak within the unit Selectable audio-visual alarms – for total peace of mind Optional dispense tap – allows pure water dispensing for general laboratory usage MEDICA-R 200 Designed to supply up to 16 liters per minute of CLRW standard grade water to higher demand or multiple clinical analyzers on a loop. The MEDICA-R 200 is the first system to incorporate multiple technologies with a make-up rate of 200 liters per hour in a single unit. Instead of an array of untidy and space consuming components, you can now have just one compact system box plus a deionization cylinder. Quick and easy to install - Plug and play connections make the MEDICA–R 200 very quick and easy to install, and because it has a small footprint, low noise and an aesthetic design, it can be positioned inside the laboratory as an alternative to a separate plant room Flexible in configuration – the MEDICA-R 200 can be customized to your particular requirements and is easy to upgrade for a larger loop or additional analyzers Guaranteed water quality at high flow rates - the MEDICA-R 200 cost-effectively guarantees CLRW standard grade water to the analyzer inlets at a flow rate of 16 liters per minute with a maximum volume per day of 4800 liters. This guarantee ensures that you achieve consistent results from your suite of analyzers. As the pure water source for a loop system it is more than capable of feeding several laboratories spread throughout a building Easy operation and control – monitoring of the system and loop is via a conveniently angled four-button “softkey” control panel at the front of the unit. The panel features a large high contrast LCD display enabling performance parameters, operational mode and process flow to be checked at a glance Remote monitoring of the loop - up to 8 additional remote display/control panels can be connected to the system. In addition the MEDICA-R 200 can be easily connected to new or existing building management systems Complete security The MEDICA-R 200 incorporates a wide range of safety features and audio-visual alarms to ensure pure water quality is not compromised. Unique PassKey access to the control panel protects important functions and prevents accidental changes to settings & calibrations. Different tiers of security are provided for flexibility of operation An internal leak detection system and shut-off for peace of mind An integrated by-pass ensures a continual supply of pure water in the unlikely event of a system failure Audio visual-alarms are initiated if water quality or reservoir levels get too low A full validation workbook is available if your MEDICA-R 200 needs to be validated to ensure compliance with regulatory standards Easy sanitization and maintenance A manually initiated automatic disinfection routine simplifies sanitization and maintains control over bacterial levels All wetted parts are sanitized and the incorporation of a sprayball at the entry to the storage reservoir ensures full coverage of all surfaces Maintenance on the MEDICA-R 200 is very simple and straightforward. Direct access from the front-entry service door, plus quick-fit connections, facilitates easy replacement of consumables Good Laboratory Practice MEDICA-R 200 features an RS232 and RS458 port to enable you to make a permanent printed record of water quality and system parameters to achieve compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines.   PDF Dosyasını İndir