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Brookfield Texture Analysis - CT3

Features & Benefits Choice of five load ranges A variety of probes and accessories for new application opportunities Choice of two adjustable base tables allows for for versatility of sample testing Seven available test modes, including a calibration check Stores up to 10 additional customized test methods Easy-to-read display and easy-to-use, intuitive controls Provides a "real life" insight into physical properties Texture Profile Analysis (TPA) specific for the Food Industry USB and RS232 outputs Conforms fully with GME and GMIA monographs for gelatin Bloom assessment; includes built-in Bloom Test function Gelatin Bath System available for sample conditioning Easiest-to-use Texture Analyzer in its class Supplied with Texture Loader software to allow creation of up to 10 customized tests Can be used with optional software, TexturePro CT, to easily create custom reports and graphs  Typical Applications Non-Food Applications Adhesives Asphalt Candles Cosmetics Creams Detergent Foams Grease Gum Packaging Paint Personal Care Polymers Rubber Sealants Silicone Soap Sponges Wax    Food Applications Biscuits Bread Butter Cakes Candies Cheese Chocolate Confectionery Cookies Crackers Fruits Gels/Gelatin Margarines Meat Products Pet Foods Pudding Sauces Snack Foods Spread Starch Surimi    Parameters Measured Elasticity Hardness Cohesiveness Burst Strength Breaking Point Fracturability Gel Strength Ripeness Yield Point Spreadability Tackiness Consistency Relaxation Pliability Adhesiveness Firmness    Specifications PDF Dosyasını İndir

Brookfield Texture Analysis - QTS-25

Features & Benefits Rugged, robust design Choice of 5kg or 25kg interchangeable load cells 100-520mm measuring distance - accommodates most any size samples Multiple probes and accessories available for both compression and tension forces Convenient fixture attachment Console for standalone operation Analog and RS232 interface Applications Cosmetics Gels Lubricants Textiles Clays Tapes Foods Pharmaceuticals Polymers, Styrene Packaging Foams Emulsions    Parameters Measured Springiness Adhesiveness Curing Break Strength Fracturability Peel Strength Hardness Cohesiveness Relaxation Recovery Tensile Strength Burst Point Spreadability    Specifications PDF Dosyasını İndir