Brookfield Rheometre - YR-1 Yield

Features And Benefits Low cost QC tool to enhance material characterization Direct readout of yield stress Simple to use in the QC lab or on the production floor Excellent repeatability Traditional Brookfield quality RTD temperature probe (optional) Complete with vane spindles (V72 and V73). Complete with EZ-Yield software featuring a simple parameter menu for set up of 10 different test programs. Streaming data can be viewed and test data (torque vs. time; stress vs. strain) is displayed in both tabular and graphic formats when using EZ-Yield software with PC Parallel printer, serial RS-232, and analog voltage outputs  Spindle Dimensions Spindle Ranges PDF Dosyasını İndir

Brookfield Rheometre - DV-III Ultra

Features & Benefits The "tool" to easily predict a material's flow, spray, or pumping behavior by studying shear rate profiles Continuous display of: Viscosity (cP or mPa·s), Temperature (°C or °F), Shear Rate, Shear Stress, % Torque, Spindle, Program status 2600 speeds for incredible characterization possibilities New Yield Stress measurement feature to characterize startup flow behavior Built-in RTD temperature probe for sample monitoring Easy-to-use keypad with numeric keys for stand-alone program entry Stand-alone programming: Enter program requirements, start program, see the results on the built-in display Download custom programs with RheoLoader software (included) Customizable options Built-in Math Models: Models provide data analysis without the use of external software. Casson Yield Values, NCA/CMA Casson (Chocolate), Power Law, Bingham Plastic and IPC Paste Analysis calculations are included Parallel printer, serial RS-232, and analog voltage outputs Computer programmable using optional Rheocalc(r); software lets you control all aspects of Rheological testing directly from the computer Complete with appropriate spindles, RheoLoader program, viscometer stand, guard leg, and carrying case  Specifications PDF Dosyasını İndir

Brookfield Rheometre - PVS

The PVS can be used to simulate process conditions for small fluid samples in a laboratory benchtop environment. Applications include chemical compounds containing volatile materials, oil industry, drilling muds and fracturing fluids, processed foods, polymers and paints. Any test sample requiring absolute viscosity measurement under totally enclosed conditions is a viable candidate. Features and Benefits   Portable site-to-site mobility with 1' x 1' x 2' instrument footprint Designed to operate in severe environments with Hastelloy cups and bobs standard Quick and easy to operate Measures samples from vacuum to high pressure of up to 1000 psi Safety relief valve included Measures under temperature conditions: -40°C to +200°C RTD temperature sensor on the inner cylinder surface insures accurate sample temperature Runs test to API industry standard LSV measurements to 0.2 sec-1 Simulation of In-Process conditions: Down Hole Cooking Blending Reactors Robust motor capable of speeds up to 1000 RPM Outside cylinder rotates at shear rates up to 1700 sec-1, spindle inside remains stationary Available with triple annulus geometry for increased sensitivity when measuring low viscosity fluids Quick and easy setup Complete with choice of spindle (bob), cup, Rheovision Software and computer Industrial standards Principle of Operation The outer cylinder (sample cup) is driven by a stepper motor at speeds from 0.05 RPM to 1000 RPM. The inner cylinder (bob) contains an RTD probe on the surface to provide temperature measurement where the shear stress is being measured. Several cup and bob designs with different geometries are available to suit various applications. The unique torque tube design enables the instrument to respond to minute changes in viscosity, mechanically transmitting a rotational torque signal out of the pressure containment area without friction. Thus all electronics, bearings, and other sensitive components are completely protected from the influences of both the sample fluid and its vapor.   Applications   Fracturing Fluids Drilling Muds Volatile Chemicals Petroleum Products Black Liquor SPINDLE/CUP SPECIFICATIONS PDF Dosyasını İndir

Brookfield Rheometre - PVS

Features & Benefits  Controlled shear stress/shear rate operation makes it easy to study material behavior from initial yield to flow curve response (1 to 6000 sec-1) Rugged design means years of trouble-free operation Rapid spindle attachment: easy to clean; saves time User friendly keypad for simple stand-alone operation PC interface for user defined remote control operation. One mouse click will initiate a single or multi-step test. More for your money - comparable to instruments costing much more Available in coaxial cylinder, vane spindle, cone-plate or plate-plate geometry to suit most any application Variety of sample temperature control options: circulating temperature bath, Peltier plate or electronic heating Measuring Systems   The Brookfield R/S Rheometer can be supplied with coaxial cylinder, cone/plate or plate/plate measurement geometry.   Spindle Ranges Specifications PDF Dosyasını İndir

Brookfield Rheometre - RS Plus Soft Solids Tester

Features & Benefits Vane spindle geometry allows spindle insertion without compromising sample structure Easy-to-test method for materials with particulates, slurries, and stiff pastes Provides data that relates to viscoelastic characteristics such as yield stress, shear modulus (stiffness of material structure when intact) and creep Quantifies meaningful properties like wobbliness, sloppiness, consistency and texture Automated data analysis under PC control Rugged design for years of trouble-free operation in QC and R&D applications Can also be used with coaxial cylinders for flow curve analysis Optional Rheo200 software with Soft Solids Module allows you to program the R/S Plus Soft Solids Tester and generate data such as yield point, shear modulus, creep and relaxation Principle of Operation The flow properties of these materials are not easily measured using traditional coaxial cylinder or cone & plate equipment. Vane spindle geometry provides a solution. The vane spindle is lowered into the test sample with minimal disruption. The test is easily run in the sample's original container. There are two significant Test Methods easily accomplished by the Soft Solids Tester: Constant Rate Yield Test For Products Like Stiff pastes, slurries, set gels, waxes Properties Measured Yield Stress, Yield Strain, Modulus Test Description This is a Constant Shear Rate Test. The vane is rotated at a constant low rotational rate and the Stress (torque) is measured against Time, Rotational Angle or Strain. Example Method for Mayonnaise Constant Rotation at 0.2 rpm, 60 data points are taken in 60 seconds   Typical Results Plot   2. The Creep/Recovery Test For Products Like Gels, lumpy products like custard, gravy, sauces and jams Properties Measured Instantaneous Strain, Viscous Creep, Elastic Recovery, Permanent Flow Test Description This is a Constant Stress Test. The Stress (torque) is applied to the sample for a fixed time period, usually from one to five minutes. The degree of sample movement is recorded against time as Angular Displacement, Strain or Compliance. The Stress is removed and the Elastic Recovery and Permanent Flow is determined. Example Method for Fruit Preserves Constant Stress of 1,250 Pa is applied over 120 seconds and 60 data points are taken. The stress is then removed and 60 data points are taken for another 120 seconds. Typical Results Plot   Consult with Brookfield to determine if the Soft Solids Tester with Vane Spindle Geometry is a suitable solution to your testing needs.   Spindle Ranges PDF Dosyasını İndir